Bezawada Junction

After travelling to various countries and trying those cuisines, we realized the best food is available in our Bharath only. Being passionate about food, we researched and came up with our authentic pulavs and biryanis.

In 2021, we started SimplyPulav (a cloud kitchen) with the vision to bring our grandma’s authentic taste to life.

Now in 2023, we started “Bezawada Junction Restaurant” to give the experience of delivering exceptional cuisines with warm hospitality making it an ideal place for bonding over food.

Bezawada Junction is a food hub where multiple culinary traditions meet.

As diverse as the Bharath culinary tradition, each dish on the menu is distinctly flavourful and brings us closer to our roots. 

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Authentic Curries & Breads

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What Our Client Says ?

Experience The Mesmerising Authentic Taste of the Bharath with a wide variety of Pulavs and Biryanis & more in a Royal Plate.

Our USPs

What We Use

Locally available spices, herbs and fresh vegetables.

Freshly ground masalas
(ex: Chilli powder, Turmeric powder, Garam masalas.…)

In-house ingredients

RO based water for cooking

Fresh Sea Food and Meat

What We Avoid

Ajinomoto or Tasting salt

Artificial colours

Artificial flavours

GMO ingredients